Cast times.

a juicy cast painting

Close up of a cast painting, oil on linen, 2014

“… the face that I will see has paralyzed a thousand brave men sure of victory.” Oddly appropriate lyric for a deceptively beautiful cast. I find myself fighting with the assignment of cast painting here at the academy. Part of me rebels, yells “No!” But the other part is entranced by the possibilities, can I really paint this? Achieve a realistic likeness? Really? Me?!

I wonder how many others before me, in the great realm of the Academic Tradition, chose this cast and found themselves helpless, stunned into submission and allowed themselves a cry of defeat before taking it down to pursue an easier challenge.

I found myself partially at that point last week; frustrated, unsatisfied… unable to “get it.” I am glad this academy works the way it does because I finally understand the mistakes I made in painting this. I am fixing them now. The picture above is two days worth of scraping and repainting. Scraping and repainting, destruction and resurrection.

Someone told me that if I am not repainting areas in my work I am not painting at all. Words to live by.