Cast, figures and Niamh

Busy week last week, time is almost up this trimester but I want to get in as much painting as I can.

School stuff:
Rony - week study
Week long study of Rony.

Mini-value study
Cast Study
Cast value study and cast transfer drawing.

Weekend projects:
Ode - Sneak PeekOde -Sneak Peek
These two lovely ladies are part of a two figure painting I am messing with on the weekends, mostly for fun.

Academic Study
This guy is a pose some students set up on Saturday, really classic academic pose straight out of the Bargue book. I signed up mostly to see what I am capable of on my own using what I have learned.

Niamh - sneak peek!
A small sneak peek! I am doing a side portrait of a friend, more on this as it develops.