Value Studies and Ginsburg


Last Sunday I attended a workshop by Max Ginsburg. He gave a great little demo and coached us on speed, brush mixing and color. It was a nice deviation from the usual stuff I study at the Academy and a great chance to really use some color in my value studies. This is the value study I managed to finish at the workshop.

giulianavaluestudy1 giulianavaluestudy2

Back in school I decided to take what I had seen to heart. On the left is the first value study of Giuliana our model. As you can see, I took a sketchy approach but not as much as the one from the workshop. On the second however, I devoted my time to color and brush mixing, I was even given permission to add vermillion to my palette. I think vermillion used with the english red really helps the second value study and am excited to use it on the actual piece.


I think I may even add it to my portrait of my friend Miriam and really play with brush mixing and skin tones.